Warning: Current wave of calendar invitation spam

Thomas Mechau

A warning:

Yesterday I received nine spam emails following this pattern:

with an attached ICS calendar invitation, sometimes for a Zoom meeting, sometimes not.

I do not know any of the people in the list (sometimes I do, and some belong to Pickwicks, but they have nothing to do with this), and obviously the whole message is spam. Its purpose is to motivate people using a calendar system, like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird Lightning or the iPhone Calendar, to react to the attached invitation: In calendar systems like those the message will cause a dialogue with “Accept/Reject/...” buttons to appear, and the spammer wants you to click on any button. Even "Reject" is enough!

The currently circulating spam messages seem to be in German only, so the issue is only partly relevant to Pickwicks. Nevertheless you may want to read this or this background article (in German).

Their essence:

  • Do not reject the calendar invitation, because any response is what the spam sender wants.
  • Simply delete the whole message.
Thanks, and good luck! :-)



Thomas Mechau