Informing expats about their right to vote

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If this is relevant for you, please reply to Pierre-Antoine Magnet.

Hi there! 

I don't know if this might be of interest for you but I contact you just in case.

The elections in Frankfurt arrive on March 14. Few expats know they have the right to vote, and those who do have no idea how it works.

We have set up an initiative to inform expats and have already carried out 3 sessions on zoom.

We are going to do some session again this week and therefore thought we would turn to expat sites/ blogs/ associations to see if there would be any potential interest?
The idea is not to push to vote for a specific party but to explain what it consists of.

Let me know and I could share the events with you if it makes sense.

Wishing you a great evening. 


Pickwicks herald


A quick note to thank you for having shared my mail, we had 3 Pickwicks members joining us in the end. ;-)

If it is useful, our session was rexorded and can be accessed at the bottom of our English page: