Meeting venue for Wednesday 3rd March: The Internet

Thomas Mechau

English Club

Wednesday meeting venue

  • The meeting on the coming Wednesday,
    starting from 7 p.m., will be on

    The Internet

During the current Lockdown there can be no “live” Pickwicks meetings.

Like in the past months, Pickwicks will be using Zoom video conferencing as a (modest) makeshift alternative to actual Stammtisch meetings.

For privacy reasons the invitation link will be sent out by personal email only. If you wish to join the meeting, please send me an email in order to receive instructions and this week’s access link.

What do you need?

In order to participate, you need either
  • a computer with webcam and microphone
    (most notebooks have those built in; for desktop computers you can buy them as accessories)
  • an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet
    (with a front camera, if you wish to join with video enabled. The vast majority of modern smartphones has one)
  • a sufficiently fast Internet connection (over Wi-Fi, if you want to use video on a mobile device).

(Microphone and/or camera can be turned on or off freely during the session.)

In most cases the setup is quite easy and will download and install everything fully or semi-automatic.

How does it work?

You will receive a message with explanations and a link containing the meeting ID and password for a virtual ‘Stammtisch table,’ so you just need to click on that link in order to access the meeting.

Talk to you soon ...