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A forum for social un-distancing

The Corona (Covid-19) virus pandemic has enforced Social Distancing, which is the exact opposite of a Social Club’s purpose.

Some people can cope with social distancing better than others, so the idea is to provide this new subgroup as an additional medium of exchange for those who would like to stay in touch, share thoughts and/or humour, ...

Our regular mailing list is rather strictly monitored and moderated and should contain exclusively messages with relevance to our English speaking group; and whenever a message does not clearly fit these criteria, there is a silent or not-so-silent grumbling from those who – quite understandibly – wish to keep their inbox as clear as possible.

Obviously the purpose of this (experimental) group is quite different, so different rules apply:

  • At the moment it is unmoderated. (Since it should not be visible from outside, I don’t expect spam messages to appear.)
    If moderation becomes necessary, I will ask some volunteers to become moderators.
  • I don’t think this is necessary, but please consider the core rules of netiquette.
  • Nobody will be entered automatically: Membership is completely voluntary.
  • Only existing members of the main group can join (without requiring approval).
  • The subgroup is listed on the website of our main group, but messages and member directory are only visible for subgroup members on the subgroup website.
  • It would be nice if new members sent a short introduction message so that others in the group know they have joined (‘Hello from ...’ will be sufficient).
  • Keep in mind that anything you post is visible for the whole subgroup; so if you want to keep something private, use the link ‘Reply to Sender’ instead of the (default) link ‘Reply to Group’!

At the moment this is an open-ended experiment; let us see how and where it goes ...


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